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Formerly known as Lipica 1. Flat area, but mostly very rough because of rocks. Technically difficult. Current version of the map will be enlarged with some more gentle parts.


Lipica open 2015 is over. Thanks to all for coming and making this event nice :). Hvala tudi prijaznim domačinom iz Lokve, Kazelj, Ajdovščine in Dutovelj!

Tove Alexandersson made another great run and easily secured overall victory ahead of Riina Kuuselo and Jasmine Neve, while in the men's Elite class Kiril Nikolov attacked from 2nd position and managed to win overall ahead of Albin Ridefelt and Jan Prochazka. Check OrienteeringOnline for full results and splits.

Lipica open!

Maps Day 5: & Women Elite & Men Elite

We hope to soon see you again. Maybe at OOcup in July or Bubo cup in August :) For next Lipica open we will try to prepare new maps of some exciting areas!


Ajdovščina stages (3 & 4) are finished. Today was perhaps the most difficult stage of all 5 days. It was rocky, tricky, steep and green.

As always, check OrienteeringOnline for results and splits.

Beginning of Men Elite course, S4!

Maps Day 3: & Women Elite & Men Elite

Maps Day 4: Women Elite & Men Elite

Tomorrow we are expecting an interesting battle between Albin Ridefelt and Kiril Nikolov in Men Elite. Both Albin and Kiril won 2 stages so far, but Albin is 1:37 in lead. The margin seems quite comfortable, but will it be enough for the overall victory in fast terrain of last stage in Dutovlje?

In Women's Elite, on the other hand, Tove Alexandersson is exactly 25 min in the lead ahead of Riina Kuuselo. And Riina is more than 12 mins ahead of Lisa Carlsson. A big surprise should happen to see any changes in top 3. See you tomorrow at the fastest stage of Lipica open 2015!


First part of Lipica open 2015 is now behind us. Check OrienteeringOnline for results and splits.

End of Lipica open weekend cup 2015!
Photo: Matej Golob

Maps: Men Elite & Women Elite.

See you tomorrow!


Swedish elite stormed through the first stage of Lipica open 2015! Tove Alexandersson and Albin Ridefelt are the clear winners of 1st Stage (middle distance) in Elite classes. Even though pretty much completely flat, terrain today was very challenging and many good runners made mistakes... So, don't be too hard on yourself if you did some as well ;).

Tove starting the 1st stage of Lipica open 2015!
Photo: Matej Golob

Results and splits can be seen at OrienteeringOnline We will try to publish them soon after each stage.

Maps: Men Elite & Women Elite.

Else, nobody can complain about the lack of fresh air today. Kraška burja!

See you tomorrow!


So, we're back from great weekend on Cres island, where some of the world top runners took part in Kvarner bay challenge. Most of them are joining us also for Lipica open.

Bulletin is here!

Competition center in Maestoso hotel at the Lipica stud farm will be open from 17:00 to 21:00 on Friday and then from 9:00 to 15:00 at the Finish areas (from 7th to 11th).

Lipica open 2015 locations you can find here

Start list will be soon published at here

Finally we've reached 1174 entries, with nearly 500 runners running the whole week!

See you very soon!


Note that you can also take part in Trail-O event during Lipica open. You can check out the invitation here!


You can find course lengths for Lipica open 2015 here.

At the moment we have few runners less than 1100, but still some days untill the last deadline and this number will almost for sure be surpassed, which is nice!

This year both ME and WE will be very strong. Biggest favorite in Women Elite class is Tove Alexandersson, but girls like Catherine Taylor, Riina Kuuselo, Emma Johansson, Bettina Aebi will give nothing for free.
In ME class we're happy to see many strong names... Jan Prochazka, Sirmais Martins, Kiril Nikolov, Ridefelt Albin, Ogden Matt, Emil Svensk, Andersson Rassmus... to just name a few.

All in all, it seems we have some nice competitions ahead of us!

Lipica open!


For some time now entries for Lipica open are open! You can make your entry here.

New part of Lipica map, Stage 1!


Website is now updated with the fresh information for 2015! Feel free to check it out.

As you already know, some nice forests waiting for YOU down here!

Well, not everything can be 'white forest' as in above picture, so sometimes we add some light green to enhance the technical challenge ;)


Combine with KBC!
Kvarner bay challenge will be organized from 28th February to 1st March in 2015 on Cres island in Croatia. Perfect, well runnable terrain and beautiful, sligthly isolated mediterranean environment. Highly recommended! During the 5 days between KBC and Lipica open it will be possible to train in Croatia and Slovenia. You may put emphasize on Sprint training (maps in Croatian Istria: Rovinj, Vrsar, Pula and Poreč and on Slovenian coast Piran, Izola, Koper) or on forest training either in Croatia or in Slovenia.

5 days!
In 2015 Lipica open will be organized as a 5 day event for the second time. Again we will add some new terrain and combine diverse areas. Training conditions in this part of Europe are now better than ever!